I rode a little, but still changed – I loved the car very much. The car holds turns very well. The rear part of the body is rather weak and shatters and crumples well upon impact (a sad experience). I bargained for the price of replacing dead parts and went home. The result is a dead battery, the rear brake pads are running out and the candles are being replaced. Everything would be fine, the price of a new radiator was 80-100 euros with an adjustment, but if you have an automatic transmission, then the issue price is 300 euros – since in addition to antifreeze, oil from the automatic transmission walks through this radiator. I tightened the lock – it helped for a day or two, then again. On the machine idle in traffic jams is not exhausting. Very often, some ancient BMW or some other skull, such as Golfyara, strives to compare the capabilities of captured cars. I bought a car on the courts in Riga. Also excellent road holding, the speed of 170-180 is not annoying. 12/05/2005 I’ve been driving a kupeshke for three years and really wanted to share what I like about it and what I don’t. Soon the door announced itself with a murderous creak on rough roads, nothing helped. Hello to all readers. Be sure to check the trunk – this is a headache for all broken barrels. What else is different? The suspension is stiffer, the gearbox. As they explained to me, it was originally intended for air conditioning, but why in the end it was powered by the main cooling system was not clear to anyone except me, who wished to disconnect this embryo from the life support system, which eventually gave rise to a constant high temperature, and soon dad was already siphoning -radiator. True, there are options for turbo, doha and quattro. If there is a problem with parking – without straining, I climb all the curbs in the yards. 17.12.2013 I’ve been driving Coupe for 3 years now! After a diesel car like a rocket, the engine is powerful and, as usual, not economical! The interior is comfortable, the car is comfortable but for two, back. more Engines are like in nineties or eighties – from 2 to 2.8 liters, there are no diesels, the suspension looks more like a B4 and, as far as I know, it has not changed in the coupe from 88 to 95g (the beam has a stabilizer, the front discs are ventilated from quattro, forks and different tips from B4, rear wheels – 90). I bought a friend who begged me for her for a year, although he saw that I hung out with her services. Maybe I paid too much attention to the body, but everything else in it is repaired without problems and costs a penny. The combination of German reliability, design, and to a greater extent the image of this car unconditionally creates a positive image of the genius of the design ideas of engineers of the 20th century, whose solutions are still relevant today. I’ve been driving a kupeshke for three years and really wanted to share what I like about it and what I don’t. There are no particular problems with engines, computers, but the suspension is rather weak, it lasts for a year, and you will save a lot if you drive good shocks. I decided not to carry anyone with me and buy it myself. Having tested it immediately on the take-off, I was pleased with the acceleration dynamics and silence in the cabin. The price of the issue, oddly enough, 250 euros, I did not ask why it was cheaper. In addition to general feelings, I wanted to confirm the condition of the car, and we went to the service to shake this filly. Also high clearance (if not a special lowered version of the suspension). It was time to start repairs, and inadvertently I drove the door with the back door ajar. After another winter, I went to the service to change the oil and again shake the machine. I decided not to carry anyone with me and buy it myself. I chose this copy for a number of reasons – silence in the cabin when driving, stable on the road, appearance and automatic. For stories about a spilled bottle of mineral water in the trunk or in the cabin, give the seller in the head with this same bottle and go look at another car. The car holds turns very well. In general, your joy or disappointment will depend on how successful you get. In winter, on studded tires – a tank. 19.01.2008 rocket car, a classic of the German automotive industry, a car for those for whom a car is not a means of transportation, https://cars45et.com/listing/hyundai/accent but an integral part of human consciousness. more I don’t recommend them. Soon, the automatic transmission began to switch jerkily, in the box service they said that the replacement was 300-500 euros, but if it doesn’t bother you, then you can ride. Her entire bulkhead with details of about 200-300 ye. This is all great, but for a car that is 15 years old, the fewer parts and they are simpler, the less likely it is to fly into some rare, discontinued bolt. choose a shelf – you get almost a truck.

Guidelines about Audi Coupe

rocket car, a classic of the German automotive industry, a car for those for whom a car is not a means of transportation, but an integral part of human consciousness. In general, it doesn’t matter – to each his own. If it’s wet there – lifelong hemorrhoids, it’s not enough to fix hopes. After decided to sell. Further: the fiberglass rear spoiler is NOT separated from the entire rear cover, and this cover costs a lot of money, bumpers: the front and rear coupes have their own (they fit from 80, but then the view is a tragedy), the wings are also only from the coupe, the rear ones – together with body. And now in order. It danced a lot for tuning moto. more It danced a lot for tuning the engine and body. I went to my friends for an audio service, they looked, shocked, replaced the steering tip for 15 euros and said that there was nothing more to change, and let me go with
the world. Roughly speaking, this is the same "barrel", only with two doors and a more sporty appearance and a couple of hundred bucks higher in price. Bottom line: a nice car, but the sediment remains. Soon the engine began to troit – a problem
turned out to be one of the candle wires, which sparkled at night like a sparkler. In winter, it kept well on the road, the light is good, no crickets in the cabin. Since there were no special preferences, I watched everything. And the best way to check a car is to drive it into a car wash and find out if you can carry live fish in it or not. So I skated for another 2 years, periodically dropping by all the same friends for greater confidence, but the car did not sneeze or cough. Roughly speaking, this is the same "barrel", only with two doors and more sports. more In general, there is nothing to complain about. The fact that the car kept well on the road was also pleasant. And if you put normal casting and music on the kupeshka, then you can ride the girls, and also at the crossroads you can compete with other old iron. True or not, the price just killed me. The car is just super. Ride a week on the courts. Even in the factory version, the motor is quite torquey. I bought a car on the courts in Riga. I didn’t eat oil, gasoline moderately – within 10 liters per 100 km. I’m not special, but definitely not the same as on a regular barrel, the numbers are arranged differently. The car is quite rare and will appear on it at any car gathering just super. I skated on my filly for about a year, when one evening, rolling to my home, I decided to smoke, lowered the window, and take it and fail. This ended another year spent mostly in services. And most importantly
the advantage for which I love this machine is that collective farmers with chickens and grandfathers with grannies do not ride kupeshkas. Doors, as a rule, are sagging (because they are heavier than those of an 80-speed), power windows (especially if the driver’s one is broken – three months, or even longer, search in landfills is guaranteed). I’ve been driving Coupe for 3 years already! After a diesel car like a rocket, the engine is powerful and, as usual, not economical! The interior is comfortable, the car is comfortable but for two, it is difficult for the rear passengers both to climb out and to climb! Holds up great on the track! At a speed of 200 km does not throw, when cornering there is almost no roll! Body parts are very expensive! From the usual Audi 80 b4, only the headlights and bumper are suitable, the rest is ten times more expensive! On a body only to order! The windshield is also 3 times more expensive than b4. I changed the brakes – 40 euros, machined the brake discs – 10 euros per disc – it hit the pedal. In general, if you buy, then be sure to check everything that distinguishes this machine from a regular barrel (this may be a problem). 21.02.2008 The car is just super. Of course, the car is old and the design is not the same, but for 2000 ye (this is the price in Lithuania / – 90 years old) it fit me. Not because they are bad. A certain anther on a grenade surfaced, again the price of the issue turned out to be a penny, and then after a couple of weeks the steering rack began to leak – they repaired it, the front shock absorber immediately leaked behind it – replaced it, then it got worse – the car started to overheat, checked, it turned out the thermostat died, tightened up after the thermostat small radiator – I, frankly, was surprised to see this offspring under my hood. In general, I traveled all the meals, and did not find a cable, I had to buy an office. dealer for 100 euros. 05/04/2011 Hello to all readers. The merchant resisted, even offered a discount, but I insisted and we went. Nothing creaks, does not wheeze, a pleasant interior. As a result, for 50 euros, I tore off the radiator from the same Lithuanian audyukha, which was sold in parts after the accident. The rest is all fluff. Windows without frames and in broken cars they flow or
they buzz at a good speed). In general, I liked the car, the automatic transmission only enhanced the effect, since at that time I spent a lot of time in motion and traveled mainly around the city. Even in the factory version, the engine is quite torquey. The most important thing in this car is its history of appearance and development. Minus – a boy’s car. in a normal state it is difficult to buy, especially if the moldings are torn off, the power windows do not work – such things are not very expensive, but they simply do not exist. Because soso. more For repairs, the machine is already 15 years old, I allocate an average of 50 ye per month. I thought that, well, everything began – now the window, tomorrow the door, and then how it will fall. Ride a week on the courts. He still drives and is not overjoyed.