Volvo 360 Reviews

The car was purchased two years ago due to the need to quickly move its fifth point between five offices located in different parts of the city. There wasn’t much money, so I looked mainly at the VAZ classics, although somewhere deep in my subconscious mind there was the thought of a Volvo 340 with a gun. The automatic machine wanted a variator, because he understood that for such money the hydraulics would be killed, and therefore drew attention to this model. But – such an option turned up – Volvo 360 sedan, 2l B200F engine, five-speed manual gearbox. The transfer from Moscow to Tver passed without incident, although we arrived somewhat unusually quickly. (the speedometer didn’t work, so the speed was determined “by eye”. After registration (the expert warned that it’s better to smear the engine number pad with grease – otherwise it’s corroded) drove the car for diagnostics. Summary: everything works, so climb for now No need anywhere. It would be nice to just replace the muffler resonator. Replaced. I didn’t climb for three months, after which problems with the starter started – it started to turn only from the fifth or sixth attempt. A visit to the service showed that the starter simply rotted! The price of a new one shocked me (16 tyr), but it was possible to restore the old one by the efforts of garage craftsmen.As a result, a practically new starter (offal was completely replaced, only the body remained) cost 4,500 rubles, along with the work of removing and installing.Further, a trouble-free ride began again for a month, after
causing the engine to overheat. The problem is solved by replacing the pump (the old one ran out of service – years, years.), But since winter has come, I haven’t done it yet, although, of course, I should, especially since the new pump costs 2000. The generator died last – the same story as with the starter, rotted, poor fellow. a new one costs 7,500 rubles (non-original, of course – the original costs 25,000). but most likely I’ll take it for disassembly. Yes, the front wheel bearing crunched – the spare part itself is 200 rubles, the replacement work is 250 rubles. It seems to be all in two years. Now about the sad thing – the end is coming to the body. A couple more years and it will become simply dangerous to get into the car and drive. And somehow it rotted interestingly – the spars are absolutely intact, the glasses – too, but the plumage. The front arches and fenders are just in the trash, the bottom of the doors too, the rear arches also began to bloom. They said that the body was galvanized – no zinc was found, so either not all cars were galvanized, or they were not galvanized at all. The story about the Volvo would, of course, not be complete without a nod to high safety. To be honest, I didn’t check it (ugh, ugh!), although there were little things – they caught up with me twice from behind. And I made sure that my car bumper (at least the rear one) is very durable. For the first time, the "six" caught up with me – I have a broken taillight, he has all four headlights. There are not even marks on my bumper, although my bumper has a crack, elegantly sewn over the edge with a nylon thread. The second time the Passat caught up with me – no consequences at all, the embroidery also withstood, about plastic
and there is no need to say – there are only traces of paint from the trade wind bumper on it. The B200F engine is a separate song, although it is demanding on fuel. The previous owner filled in 95, but I pour 92 and I don’t see a difference in dynamics (I looked specifically – it is still designed for 92 gasoline.) unless you run into frankly singed gasoline. Thrust is smooth throughout the entire rev range, with no dips or pickups. Elasticity is also excellent, in third gear you can start off calmly, and in first gear you can not touch the gas at all. The disease is the speedometer cable. It breaks all the time, but it fits from the long wheelbase "Niva" with minimal alterations. The drive mechanism itself is located in the wheel, not in the box – this, of course, is a jamb. The box is interesting. Not only does it hang behind and is practically integrated with the main gear (this is how the ideal weight distribution along the axes is achieved – 50/50), the gear ratios are also chosen so that the character of the car changes when switching from first to second exactly the opposite. In first gear, it’s a tractor. The real one. It will crawl everywhere, it will calmly move into the ice. Starting from the second and above – this is a rocket. From the traffic light it shoots with slipping (after my old heel, I still couldn’t start the first week without slipping) and it picks up speed just fine. And finally, about the cabin. I myself am quite impressive build (mostly wide :)). In nine or ten, I’m frankly cramped. Here, it’s great. Lateral seat support – excellent, went to
the Japanese – there she bites into my shoulder blades, but here – as expected, everything is in place. Behind the place is full, three people sit quietly. Patency – at the level, mushrooms went without problems after the "Niva". The trunk does not look very big, but when I transported a kitchen set in two flights (the cabinets were not even dismantled), I myself was quite surprised. The apotheosis was the transportation of a three-meter roll of linoleum – opened the hatch for skis and. PUSHED. The movers in the store were as surprised as I was when I managed to do it. It is a pity that there are no more such cars, and those that are are living out their lives. This is a machine for a man, everything is thought out, everything is done reliably and accurately. A real Swedish tank, which does not care about anything, except for age. And with age, standard sores come out – problems with electrical equipment, bodywork. The typical Volvo 3 series is a very reliable mechanical part and a lot of electrical and body problems. Would I recommend this car to anyone to buy? Probably not, unless you’re an auto mechanic. Too many problems. But if you still manage to find a car in good condition in terms of bodywork, you can buy, believe me, kill this engine (mind you – Volvo, not 1.4 Renault.) is simply impossible. If the oil was changed at least occasionally in the engine, it leaves 600-700 at least. And learning to drive such a car is a pleasure, the car helps the driver, especially the inexperienced one. Now I’m thinking about replacing the car (I want a volvo 460), but I won’t throw my old three-ruble note – I’ll bring it to mind and
I will give it to my girlfriend – let her learn to ride.

19.02.2008 The car was purchased two years ago due to the need to quickly move its fifth point between five offices located in different parts of the city.